Home, Contents, Commercial, Or Landlord insurance?

Whether it's a personal home for yourself, leased out to tenants, or even a commercial building - it's probably one of your biggest assets and needs to be correctly protected. Talk to our risk professionals that will ensure you have a policy that is suited to how you use the premises and covers you for the local risks of the area.

If you have a home loan your lender may require you to provide a certificate of currency to ensure your asset is insured correctly. Start a quote with us and a professional will be in contact to guide you through the process ensuring your are adequately covered.

Private, commercial, or construction insurance?; flood risk, bush fire, or cyclone prone area, let us do the quote comparison and ensure you are completely protected - for what ever nature might throw at you.

  • Renters are typically not covered under a regular landlords policy; if you are renting you may require another kind of insurance to protect your contents.
  • Landlord insurance needs to include a level of legal liability cover to protect the insured from an injury on the premises.
  • Many typical insurance policies have a lot of exclusions and limitations. Can you afford to risk not be properly protected on your biggest asset?

From private to commercial - We will get you covered. Call us on 1800 97 98 99 or start a quote.