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What is cyber insurance?

Do I need cyber cover?

Our brokerage offers a service like no other, we understand that insuring businesses is especially important and that it's done right. Cyber insurance was created to help protect you and your business from financial damage from computer hacking and breaches. If you have a website or online platform that holds data and transacts information, you are vulnerable to cyber threats. It is said that it is likely your business will suffer a cyber attack at some stage which could cost your business not only money, but the intellectual property and private information which will result in brand damage.

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Cyber Threat Insurance

Our cyber broking team is dedicated to finding you the best cover for the best possible premium in the market. Our extensive understanding of the cyber insurance market enables us to provide you with the cover you need with a service you deserve, a timeless process that is tailored to each business. We’re here to help.

Some of the ways cyber insurance can protect your business:

Cover options with cyber cover can include: Busines Interruption Losses, Cyber Extortion, Data replacement, Security and Privacy Liability, Defence costs, Regulatory breaches, Media Liability, Crisis Management, Notification and monitoring expenses and more..

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