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Owner Builders

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Owner Builders

Owner Builders are individuals who choose to undertake domestic building work on their own property instead of hiring a registered builder. This can involve anything from renovations to building a new house. While this can often save money, it also brings with it a unique set of risks and responsibilities, which is why insurance is so crucial.

The Right Cover

As an insurance broker, we can help Owner Builders find the right insurance policies to cover these risks. This involves understanding the unique risks they face, and finding policies that cover these risks adequately.

We can help with a range of covers

Owner Builders typically require a range of different insurance covers to protect against all possible risks.

Dedicated Construction Industry Insurance Brokers

Construction Insurance Specialists

Construction Works

Also known as Contract Works Insurance or Builders Risk Insurance, this insurance covers loss or damage to the property and materials during construction. It can cover a wide range of risks, including fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Public Liability

This insurance covers any costs associated with injuring another person or damaging another person's property. For Owner Builders, this could include things like a visitor to the site getting injured, or damage to a neighbour's property during construction.

Voluntary Workers

This insurance covers any volunteers who help with the construction. If a friend or family member is injured while helping out on the site, this policy can provide a level of income protection via weekly benefit.

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