Yes, we can cover rideshare vehicles.

There is so much confusion out there when it comes to being covered for UBER and other ridesharing platforms. If you're currently operating as an UBER driver, a simple call to your current insurer asking whether or not your covered will likely result in them telling you to find insurance elsewhere.

Rideshare vehicles are a much higher risk that private motor insurance, and now that licensing and registration is becoming regulated It's important you get covered correctly. If your vehicle is registered for business use, even your private rideshare policy may be insufficient.

With platforms like UBER Eats, UBER X and UBER Black being very different when it comes to insurance it is very important your insurer / broker knows exactly how you're using the vehicle so the correct cover is in place.

Shielded operates RideshareInsured and InsureMyRideshare and assists drivers around Australia with the correct coverage.

  • We'll be there to support you in a claim
  • Unrestricted cover for rideshare drivers — No limits on hours or kilometres
  • Cheaper policy options for part time drivers
  • Backed by industry leading underwriters
  • Same day certificate of currencies

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