About us

Shielded Insurance Brokers is based on the Sunshine Coast servicing clients all over Australia. At Shielded we strive to challenge the status quo of typical insurance broking. In our practice we believe that all clients are equal and endeavor to provide the most appropriate insurance solutions for each client whether it’s a small car insurance policy or a large business portfolio.

At the core of our business is our belief in providing the highest level of customer service and access to our clients by leveraging modern technology in all of our business activities. We aim to simplify the transaction between the client and insurance provider and can tailor solutions to meet all expectations from start to finish.

With young energy and a vast wealth of knowledge, we have what it takes to get you covered and keep you Shielded

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Why choose Shielded

24/7 Claims

Rest assured knowing you can contact your insurer 24 7 for claims help and guidance.

Insurer Placements

We understand and know where to place insurance cover. Being placed with the right insurer means you'll have the right cover for when things go wrong.

The A Grade Treatment

It does not matter whether you're insuring your vehicle or insuring your business. All policies and clients are treated as a top priority.

Renewal Management

Don't pay too much on renewals. We'll actively manage your portfolio of insurance at renewal time to ensure you're paying the right premiums and have the right cover.

If you need cover, you need to speak to Shielded.


New Age Brokers

The recent expansion of the share economy, and the demand of the internet age has brought the need for a new age in insurance broking. Shielded Insurance Brokers are an innovative company serving as the link between the share economers and the insurers. Our expert team of industry specialists are equipped with extensive insurance knowledge providing premium coverage and continued 24-7 support throughout the life of your policies.

Why use a broker?

Insurance can be complicated, with policies incorporating confusing terminology leading to clients purchasing cover that may exclude potential necessities. Shielded Insurance Brokers serve you by providing clarity and negotiating on your behalf to ensure appropriate levels of cover at competitive prices. Get the right advice. Get the right cover. Get support in claims.

The Value

Shielded Insurance Brokers are here to support you when it matters most. We specialise in risk assessment, coverage inclusions, and claim management. Meaning in the event you need to make a claim you can rest assured our professionals are with you from the start, ensuring your policy fully protects your asset and your claim is efficiently fulfilled. Protection is the key to insurance; and at Shielded we protect our clients.

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