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Dive into the journey and values of Shielded Insurance Brokers. Discover why we're Australia's trusted insurance partner.

Shielded Insurance Brokers is based on the Sunshine Coast servicing clients all over Australia. At Shielded we strive to challenge the status quo of typical insurance broking. In our practice we believe that all clients are equal and endeavor to provide the most appropriate insurance solutions for each client whether it’s a small car insurance policy or a large business portfolio.

At the core of our business is our belief in providing the highest level of customer service and access to our clients by leveraging modern technology in all of our business activities. We aim to simplify the transaction between the client and insurance provider and can tailor solutions to meet all expectations from start to finish.

With young energy and a vast wealth of knowledge, we have what it takes to get you covered and keep you Shielded

Shielded operates a network of websites in specialised areas of insurance.

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